Here I was, after a long year of serving around Nigeria (Adamawa-Taraba, Ebonyi), preparing to travel to teach Yoruba albeit on a Fulbright scholarship. It was a couple of months to the 10-month long journey and things began to get very fast and complicated as it often happens to folks who are about to leave their family for the longest stretch of time so far in their lifetime. On this blessed day (a really blessed one towards the end of May, 2016), I was discussing with bro. Gbenga Ohu (Oga Gbenga actually), CEO of OHU Lights issues on religion vis-à-vis service and relationship. We talked in passing about a beautiful lady in OAU Microbiology department. They had met earlier on a journey and he couldn’t hide how surprising but exciting their conversation was. Fast forward to me collecting her number, calling, chatting up and meeting with the lady as a friend of a friend. We had a casual but cordial friendship going and all I thought was having yet another friend before leaving the country. Things would turn out not to be as I expected (to my advantage).

Our spirit matched, our styles were compatible, and she had pleasant physical qualities too numerous to be mentioned (beauty being one; and her long natural hair). Well, I wasn’t going to wait eternity; I asked her out, and she wasted no time accepting to begin a relationship journey of Faith with me. A relationship journey of Faith because I had only one month before traveling out of the country for 10-months. Well, she definitely had Faith in me, enough Faith to stand through a long season of absence, and the stress of distant communication. My Faith did not wither in her either. By and by, and it was 10 months; came home to meet Opeyemi even more resolved and resolute. Life of a sojourner: I stayed only 3 months before traveling again, this time for one and a half years. Through the windy clouds and shinning sun; through the gloomy night and lovely days, Opeyemi maintained her Faith. Every day while away, I thought: “Blessed am I among men”.


Okay! So, I decided to move US a step forward. I was visiting home for the 2018 Christmas break; not without a well thought out plan to give Opeyemi a due surprise; simple, but well planned. I had ordered a customized ring since April 2018 and ordered a customized cake about a month before coming down. All these were kept secret from Oga Gbenga and Tolulope Olaobaju who would be cast in the surprise proposal script. In fact, it was kept secret from Treasure World who delivered the customized cake to quality standard. Notable on my plan was an arrival two days before the time she thought, but a day after her Convocation (my initial plan was to make the convocation, but school duties interfered). Long story cut short, I ‘miraculously’ appeared at her PPA, delivered the cake, the ring, and a request for marriage. Well, you’re reading this because she agreed!


Opeyemi, you’ve given much more than I could think to ask. As we together journey into eternity, I ask myself to love you beyond obligation; I ask myself to care for you like a precious creation that you are; I ask myself to support you to the peak of your aspirations; I ask myself to hold you in paths that might seem scary or unthread; and I pray to do all without compromising the love that God first loved us. God’s got us! We’ve got this!!




I was doing my Industrial Training at the department of Food Science and Technology, OAU when I met Adebimpe.
Bro. Gbenga Ohu (whom I later got adapted to calling Oga Gbenga) had initially told me about one of his friends that wanted to get my phone contact from him, so I was expecting the call from the 'stranger', wondering what he had to say; and why he wanted my number. Finally he called on a Wednesday in May 2016. I woke up quite late that day and had not even concluded my morning devotion when the call came in.
He spoke so fast to introduce himself and all I could say was just okay... alright... bye! And he ended the call. I was surprised at the sort of 'stranger' that calls early in the morning just for introduction. I promptly called Oga Gbenga to report his 'friend' who called without an obvious serious purpose.

Well he apologized on his behalf and, immediately, the 'stranger' called back to apologize too; I had no idea they were together. That was how the conversation started and moved to messaging. At first, the 'security' was just too high; I didn't bother to save his contact since he was still a 'stranger' and I had no idea the sort of friendship ours would be. On the Friday of the same week, I met him physically; I didn't plan to and he didn't inform me prior. I was at a market that morning; the busy market had mud everywhere since it was the raining season. I was so tired; my legs was stained with mud; hair was scattered; and I looked very stressed. Adebimpe met me this way. I was embarrassed because he seemed to have come prepared, looking so neat and coordinated. I felt like running away to look good.


Well, from the day I saw him, I had a strong feeling the friendship was not going to be casual. I just sensed it that way even though I wasn't sure what sort of friendship it would be. In any case, I had to let the friendship flow naturally. The conversation became regular and very regular in no time. Everything just happened like a miracle. I felt so much peace, and conversing with him was as though he knew me since I was born. I didn't want to get things complicated for myself so I had to be sure of the purpose of the friendship; I just wanted to know why and how things were happening that way. I had to pray till I got answers to my questions and I was satisfied. I got the conviction and instruction of who he was going to be to me and how I was going to go about it. I was not scared but I didn't know how God was going to do all what He told me within the short time we had before he traveled. I relaxed and let God fix it all. And yes, God fixed it; He fixed US, then the love became very obvious.


My answer is never going to change. It will be yes, yes and yes till eternity; countdown to the final Yes before God, our parents, families, and friends. I am so excited I chose you. Thank you Adebimpe, for always making my faith strong. The missing X in my love birthing love is you Darling. With the Almighty God, the creator of love, on our side, I promise to love you, and support and believe in you. I promise to continue encouraging you to follow your passion for God and Humanity. I promise to let you be the director of our team as God is the producer. I promise to honor you and treat you like a king that you are. I love the way you love me Adebimpe. This mutual love will never die. God help US!